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CaitieCakes 05-25-2012 10:55 AM

Baby Shower Owl cake ideas?
I've been asked to make a baby shower cake for a boy for an owl theme. I've been searching for ideas all over the internet but a majority of what I find is made with fondant, which I don't want. I'm making this cake with just buttercream! Anyone have pictures or ideas on how to make a cute baby boy owl cake?

Wildbumpkin 06-18-2012 07:24 AM

I found this one on
If you go to you will find more Owl buttercream cakes.

When I am stuck for ideas I go to they have an extensive gallery on there for all kinds of cakes

Or go to & search Owl cake, there are some buttercream cakes on there too.:thumbsup:

sweettweet 06-18-2012 03:19 PM

Owl cake/cupcakes
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Thought this was cute !!

IcingMagic 06-24-2012 10:32 PM

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Sweettweet- I agree it is cute.

Here is a suggestion from me.

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